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Programmes coming soon, and I can not be more excited. Very soon you should expect to see a series of downloadable programmes to help you busy lady with your health and fitness goals. 

All programmes come with nutritional guidance to help inspire you with your nutrition. 

Programmes to come:

Beyond Strength - A strength and conditioning programme for the busy women who want to get it done! Lift weights, feel empowered, but also not spend hours in the gym! The option to workout from home or in the gym to help you see the best results with your health and fitness. 

Beyond Pilates - A pilates programme, adding a series of pilates workouts you can do at home or in the gym to create more stability and mind muscle activation in your sessions. Mat pilates is a great edition to your current strength and conditioning programme. 

Beyond Anxiety- A 16 week programme designed to help those busy women with the struggles of anxiety. Learn how to breathe, lift and move efficiently to help you with your anxiety and mental health. I will teach you techniques on how you can manage your breath, exercise to de-stress and de-clutter your mind. 

Beyond Postpartum - An exercise programme designed for postpartum mamas, who need help with core and pelvic floor restore, as well as gentle movements to progress you back into fitness again. This programme will help you from week 1-6 in your postpartum journey, then once you have had the clearance from your midwife or doctor you can continue on with week 6-30 to help you get back into fitness and strength training again. 

Beyond Bump - An exercise programme for the mama's to be, safe and functional exercise for pregnant women who want to stay healthy fit and strong during those beautiful but tough months of pregnancy. 

Beyond Walk- A running programme to help you run 0-6km ! If you have always wanted to try running this programme will help you go from walking to running in 12-16 weeks! You will get fitter and stronger as I teach you important strength exercises for running , stretches, and when to increase / decrease your runs throughout the week! This programme is made for a beginner runner! 

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