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10 great stretches for people with lower back pain

Lower back pain can be the worst thing to deal with for a majority of people in everyday life.

There can be many reasons as to why we suffer from lower back pain:

- It could be the mattress that you are currently sleeping on, investing in a good mattress to sleep on is crucial to having a good nights sleep. Without good sleep, and waking up stiff and in pain how do you expect to start off your day...probably not in the greatest of moods I could imagine.

- The chair you use at work could be another reason for your back issues. If you find yourself sitting in an uncomfortable chair all day that may not be suited to your desk/computer height it will most likely cause you to have terrible posture, which is going to give you rounded shoulders, back pain and again probably a foul mood!

-Foul moods aren't all you have from lower back pain and bad posture, you may start to develop head aches from having a sore neck and shoulders leading to even more issues than what you started with.

-YOUR may be suffering with this lower back pain because your core is weak, without a strong core you have nothing to support your back. The best advice I can give you to strengthen your core is not to sit at home on the couch complaining of being in so much pain and popping pain killers, but is to seek help from a health and fitness professional! They will be able to assist you with functional strength exercises to help you gain strength in your core but also your whole body. TRUST ME you will notice the difference once you start regular movement and strength training.

-If there is more to your back pain than just aches and niggles I would highly recommend you visit a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or even your doctor who can then refer you to the ideal specialist for your situation.

-Personally I go to my Chiropractor at OUTSPOKEN CHIROPRACTIC in Auckland for most of my aches and pains, which I only get from a car crash I had in late 2016. Now that I am pregnant and my body is changing rapidly I have some new things going on in my body which my Chiropractor can adjust for me when I see him once every two weeks. I go to a Chiropractor who really cares and knows so much about the human body and its functions. If you choose to see a Chiropractor for your aches and pains especially for your lower back then do your research first, don't just go and see the "cheapest" person you can find, remember they are adjusting you so you want to feel safe and comfortable.

These are the best stretches that I recommend for lower back pain:











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