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Healthy Skin

"Healthy skin starts with what goes within"

"Don't eat those lollies and pizza you'll get zits" something I always believed in as I was growing up. A lot of people think that what you eat is not a reflection on how you will appear...I beg to differ!

What you put into your body will have a huge effect on your skin, your complexion and of course your overall appearance.

Of course there are many potions and lotions that you can buy to put onto your skin to help repair any blemishes or damage, but if you can make the effort to eat the right foods, wear a hat/sunglasses in the sun outside, use good quality products, get enough vitamins and minerals and drink plenty of water every day then you will see improvement or won't make the damage any worse than what it may be.

Here are some of my favourite foods to eat for skin health:

- WATER! Staying hydrated is most important for skin and overall health, so drink plenty of water. If you don't like the taste then add lemon, orange, berries or even cucumber to it to make it taste better for you.

- Kiwifruit (vitamin c and magnesium)

- Oily Fish- Tuna, Salmon (omega 3)

- Pineapple (vitamin c, folate, vitamin B6)

- Lemon (vitamin c,vitamin B6)

- Avocado (vitamin B6, healthy fat)

- Cucumber (H2o)

- Berries (Vitamin c, Vitamin B6)

- Spinach (Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin c)

Ensuring that you get enough of the foods that contain a good amount of water (H2o), vitamin c, vitamin B6, healthy fats, magnesium, folate and zinc plays a very important part to having healthier looking skin and over all complexion.

Some of my favourite products and recommendations for your skin:

To keep my body looking hydrated and nourished I use an all over body oil, preferably "La'bang Body" which is an all natural oil blend containing almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil. I will also use an almond oil or even just a body butter from "The Body Shop" (usually coconut or strawberry flavour). I apply this before bed, in the morning and after every shower. I find that by applying the oil at night it has a better chance at absorbing into my skin and won't rub off onto my clothes as I'm out and about during the day.

For my cleanser, I will sometimes use coconut oil, which is amazing for removing makeup, I also have a cleanser I will use by "Rosehip", which is lovely on my skin, natural and not tested on animals!

I do not have a face cream, as I have never found one I like to be honest, there are just so many options on the market and the majority of them are harsh on my face. When I use my body oil before bed I usually put the tinniest amount on my face also, this is all I need, that and plenty of water too.

I also take a zinc supplement, zinc is an amazing essential mineral for your skin. (It's best to consult your doctor before you take the supplement if you are pregnant or on any other medications) Zinc can help with acne, dry skin, stretch marks, white spots on your nails, poor wound healing and even poor immunity.

I like to do a facial mask once per week, for this I use a natural mud mask, currently I just buy one from "The Body Shop" as I have not tried many other brands. I always feel so refreshed and my skin is so smooth after one of these masks have been applied thats for sure!!

One other thing that I do religiously is drink a big glass of lemon water every morning as soon as I wake up, because lemon has so much vitamin c in it I believe it also has an effect on my skin feeling a looking great.

Looking after your skin is just as important as looking after your heart or brain for example, because like them it too is one of your vital organs, not to mention the largest! Take care of the skin you are in because you only get one chance (unless you have loads of money and want to spend it all on surgery) start making little changes now to look after your skin and over all complexion.


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