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Wearing the Right Bra

It is important that when you are exercising you are wearing the correct bra for your breast cup size and the level of activity that you are to be doing to ensure support and comfort.

Investing in a good bra is just as important as brushing your teeth everyday! I would recommend you have at least 2-3 good sports bras that you can alternate between, depending on what kind of activity you are doing and also because obviously when you are exercising you may perspire or smell a little funky afterwards.

Washing the same bra over and over isn't actually good for the bra itself, and I mean who really has the time to do that. I recommend you hang the sports bra out to air before you use it again, or take it with you in the shower to rinse- hang out to dry and use your other bra until that one is dry.

Wash it after you've had a good couple of wears out of it that week, preferably a good hand wash to protect the fabric.

The reason for a good sports bra ladies, is because your breasts are made up of fatty tissue which is surrounded by skin and delicate ligaments called "Cooper's Ligaments". Once these ligaments have been stretched or broken down they will cause your breasts to sag, and once they are broken/stretched thats it...theres not a lot you can do to fix it (unless you want to pay xxx amount of dollars to get a "boob job").

The size of your breasts does not matter, every female has Cooper's Ligaments and because most forms of exercise make your breasts bounce up and down, regardless of your cup size it is important to have a good bra to ensure you aren't doing too much damage to these ligaments.

It is important that you get the right fit for your cup size and level of activity, I would recommend you go into a store that specialises in ladies underwear and get a fitting (it doesn't take you long). Once you know what size you are and what will give you the best comfort and support you then have an idea on what you can buy from each brand you love. Make sure you get your cup size as well as a rough idea on if you are a S,M,L, XL or XXL if you were to purchase a compression crop for example.

Wearing your normal everyday bra is definitely not going to give you comfort...I couldn't think of anything worse than my underwires digging into me, and straps falling down my shoulder while I am trying to complete an exercise! Theres nothing worse than feeling your breast bounce up and down and feel as though they are about to fall out of the bra you are wearing- that will definitely not enhance your workout, let alone make you feel confident!

Since breast tissue moves in a figure-eight pattern when you run, walk, or jump, using a bra with cups (and cup sizing) will support you better. Compression crops also work well with the cup-bra on underneath. The combination of wearing the both works amazingly, I find it gives you the ultimate support package, especially when running or performing high intensity exercise!!

Choose a sports bra that is made from moisture-wicking fabric, as you work up a sweat when you exercise, you can actually trap moisture under the breast that can cause a rash or irritation. Make sure your bra is made from a fabric that doesn't incubate that moisture.

Choose a sports bra that has straps you can loosen and tighten, when you are performing low impact exercise such as Pilates and yoga you can slightly loosen the straps, but when you are doing a HIIT workout or running you'll want to tighten the straps up for ultimate support!

My Favourite Brands:

1. Toned, by Ashy Bines: The Love Ashy Crop

From the designer:

"With the adjustable straps, this top has a 4 star rating when it comes to support and will fit girls of all sizes, including those with bigger busts!"

I love to wear this crop for everyday wear, especially because I am in the health and fitness industry I pretty much live in active wear, so even when I am not exercising this crop will give me support and comfort all day long. I would wear this crop when I am walking, hiking, doing a Pilates class or Barre Attack class. Toned also has a simple crop in the range, this is something I would wear over the top of a "cupped sports bra" when running, lifting weights or doing a HIIT workout. I find it just gives me the extra support I need for my DD bust!

2. Lululemon: Ta Ta Tamer III

From the designer:

"We designed this sports bra to give you the heavy duty support, separation, and coverage that you crave. We know you love pieces that are versatile, so we made it convertible—choose between straight or crossed straps. It's sweat-wicking fabric with a Mesh fabric panel down the centre, so you can say 'tata' to that icky-drippy-sweaty feeling. Plus, the hook-and-eye closure makes it easy to get on and off. Slip in optional removable cups for added coverage—if you want it. This bra is intended to provide high support for sweat enthusiasts with a C–E cup."

This sports bra is the best for ultimate support, and would be suited for HIIT, running, biking, playing sport, as a matter of fact wear it for anything its all the support a woman needs!

3. Lorna Jane: Warrior Sports Bra

From the designer:

"Feel cool, comfortable and supported in this strappy sports bra. Made from our LJ Excel™ Fabric, it features an elastic hem under the bust for added support that will get you through any workout."

This sports bra is made from moisture wicking and breathable material, it has removable padding and gives ultimate support. I would wear this sports crop when walking, hiking,everyday use for my own comfort, Pilates, Barre Attack, yoga or a cardio session using the bike or rower.

In conclusion, invest in a good supportive sports bra or 3 to give you the ultimate support you and your breasts deserve! <3

Renee xx

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