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No Nonsense November

Christmas, New-Zealand and Australian Summer, New-Years, Holidays, Work do's...The silly season is approaching and fast!

I'm sure everyone has a goal that they are wanting to reach before Christmas, so that you feel good and look good. Well guess what...You've only got 9 more weeks until Christmas so time to get cracking!

December can be such a busy month for everyone, I know it will be for me as I'll be having my first baby! So what I suggest is that instead of leaving everything to the last minute (a week or 2 before Christmas), including your health and fitness goals, utilise November to get you kick started!

During this month you must do something everyday that will get you one step closer to achieving your goal!

Choose at least 3 to stick to or even all of them, just don't take on more than you can chew, so that you end up throwing in the towel completely!

They could include:

-No artificial, white refined sugars (all processed foods)

-Walk/Jog/Bike/Run at least once every day for the entire month.

-10,000 steps at least everyday

-Join a fitness class

-Alcohol free

-Smoke free

-Chocolate/treat free

-Drink lemon water every morning to start your day

-Caffeine free

-Meat free days (once to three times per week)

Good luck, and remember it will all be worth it when you are glowing on Christmas day! Work hard and you will see the results!

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