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Is Staying Healthy Over the Christmas Period Possible???

YEEESSS!!! There are ways around staying healthy over the festive season of course! Don't fall into the trap of giving up just because it's Christmas time. You don't want to get back into the swing of exercise a month after Christmas day, stay consistent and make some sensible choices.

Here are my top tips to staying healthy over the Christmas Break:

1. Move your body everyday:

Especially if you know you have a big day of food and wine ahead of you, ensure you get up and go for a walk or do a short at home workout, before it all commences! You will feel so much better for this.

Get up and walk when you are away on holiday too, before you start your day too so you "don't get sidetracked" or "run out of time" get it done and out of the way first thing.


Don't feel as though you have to drink every day of your holiday, have days off drinking, even if its only a glass of wine with dinner, have wine free nights, you can socialise without it. Don't overload your liver with too much alcohol it'll make you feel groggy - I'm not saying don't drink at all, because at the end of the day your on holiday and it's all about having a good time, just don't over do it.

3. Don't Stress:

Be carefree these holidays, enjoy every moment and do something that you wouldn't usually do when you're away. Treasure every moment you spend with family and friends, and make sure you leave work at can wait. Take the time to sit down and enjoy eating lunch, read a book, have a swim, create yourself a holiday morning routine to make yourself feel stress-free without having to rush anywhere.

4. Think Before You Eat:

Don't eat a second plate of food just for the sake of it. Take your time to chew your food and enjoy each bite, you'll feel so fulfilled knowing you took your time to enjoy all of the food you had on your plate.

"Calories don't count on Christmas", but they do on other days, so just be mindful of how much food you are consuming, eat leftovers but don't scoff your face until theres nothing left, have people over to share.

5. Eat Healthy Meals:

If you know you have an event on or a big dinner or lunch, then have small, lite healthy meals around that event, don't eat food you shouldn't always eat just because "its all out the window" at lunch time, eat sensibly. It all starts with breakfast, start your day always with a decent healthy breakfast, you're more likely to make better choices that way.

6. Sensible Snacking:

If the board games come out, or the wine and cards before the BBQ, then snack on healthy snacks, eat healthier crackers, make your own dips, limit your cheese intake and snack on vegetable sticks...dinner isn't far from being ready.

7. Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water to stay satisfied and hydrated, especially if you are drinking, drink water in between your alcoholic beverages.

8. Fast:

If you're not hungry, don't force yourself to eat, give your digestive system a break from food and alcohol and have a few hours of no eating. If you feel full when you wake up then wait until 10/11am to have your first meal of the day (healthy too) theres nothing wrong with doing that, you'll actually feel better, just remember to keep drinking water during.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can not wait for the new year to be upon us, there is so much exciting things to come ! Be safe, be sensible and be ready to achieve your goals in 2019.

Renee xx

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