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Creating a positive space for your environment

"What you chose to consume, will consume you."

When we are struck with opportunities such as being at a home a bit more than we are used to there can be two ways you can go about it.

1. You can feel sad, angry and consume the negativity that others are putting out there.


2. You create a space that is happy, positive, and healthy.

I dont know about you all but number 2 sounds pretty neat to me, and that is why I wanted to send this email out, to help encourage you all to continue to practice being healthy, happy, and positive, so this experience is much brighter for you.

How can we create a more positive environment in our space?

Here are my tips and suggestions:

1. Move your body: making the effort to get up and move your body in some way is and will make you feel incredible. I don't know a single person who ever says "wow I wish I didn't do that workout or go on that walk" . YOU will feel so much better for it, so make it a priority for you to move your body in some way. It could be a simple as walking to your local coffee shop instead of driving, participating in an exercise class, following an online workout video, stretching, riding your bike, or even running around outside with a ball with the kiddies if you have one.

2. Set a morning routine or morning ritual: having something you implement daily into your routine, will help set you up for the day. Your morning ritual could be, get out of bed, have a glass of water, open all of the curtains, and do 10 minutes of stretching. It does not need to be extreme, just something that you do daily to set you up well for the day.

3. Watch less TV: If you love a good movie or series, great, that's fantastic, watch one, but don't let it consume your whole day or evening, you'll get what I call TV fatigue, it'll make you feel tired and foggy. Limit yourself to 1 program or 1 movie and then do something else.

4. Consume less media: The news can be a negative space, so stop tunning into those daily announcements and watching the news every single day, whilst you eat dinner or lunch, and set yourself better habits instead. It could be that there is no TV, and you sit at the dinner table with your family or housemates and have a meal together, having interesting conversations about all the good that is going on! There is PLENTY of good going on too!

5. Limit your screen time: SCROLLING!!!!!! Stop doing so much of it, especially before bed, yes its nice to have look on social media from time to time, but don't let it consume you and your time, your time is precious, value it, and spend that time doing something else that you really want to do and would be more valuable to you.

6. Stop basing your feelings in accordance with the weather: The weather should not determine your mood, your mood is how you set yourself up for the day, and goes back to "what you chose to consume, will consume you" , if you wake up and say "aww it's raining, that sucks" do you think that will put you in a good frame of mind? No, it won't, you are better off waking up and saying "wow it's raining, how fantastic, my plants will get a good drink, or how good for our summer water levels" TURN IT INTO A POSITIVE or don't mention it at all.

7. Practice gratitude: I can not stress this enough, gratitude journaling or even just saying out loud what you are grateful for will put you in a better frame of mind. Starting or finishing (or both) of your days with gratitude will encourage you to appreciate the small things in life and focus on the good that is happening.

8. Start your day with LOVE: Love is a magical feeling, so start your day with love, and express it, tell someone you wake up next to that you love them, heck tell yourself you love you, or your animals, your kids, your plant babies, express love more and you will release that magical chemical oxytocin, which will make you feel happier!

9. What are you thankful for: Say or journal what you are thankful for every day, expressing what you are thankful for helps you with practicing more gratitude!

10. Eat nutritious food: Ever felt more energised after consuming an array and a variety of fruits and veges?? YES! That's because your body is getting the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that it needs to thrive, when your body is thriving you have more energy when you have more energy you have the ability to do so much more!!

11. Listen to empowering music you love: I don't know how many times my body will fill up with goosebumps after listening to the Queen Live Aid Concert on Spotify, but wow it enhances my mood, and even better when I sing along out loud! Singing and dancing helps your body to increase chemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins = HAPPY HORMONES!

12. Read or listen to audiobooks and podcasts: Fill your brain with knowledge and empowerment with the things you love the most! For example, if you love nutrition like me, listen to podcasts or audiobooks on nutrition more, it's fulfilling!

There you have it 12 ways you can make your environment and space more positive! My goal for you, is to try and implement just 1 or 2 of these this week and see how you go. When you have room in your headspace to try a few more and have seen some consistency with the 1-2 you have started with, then try and implement some more!

Let's encourage the people around us and our communities to choose a more healthy, happy, and positive perspective on life because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Have the best week and if you need help then do not hesitate to reach out!

Renee xx


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