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Don't Over Complicate Your Fitness Program!

Your fitness program does not need to be a 7 day body split or 6 back to back sessions a week, 2 sessions per day.

It doesn't even need to be 4 x 1 hour gym sessions per week either.

If you cant make that work, then don't stress because there is plenty that you can still do anyway!

All you need is 10 minutes to start you off!

10 minutes of time to dedicate to your health and fitness!

Fitness does not need to be complicated so I have done an example for you of how you can make it work for you using 10 minutes each day.


10 x Push Ups - 4 sets

10 x Squats - 4 sets


Take the stairs everywhere you go


10 x Push Ups - 4 sets

10 x Squats - 4 sets


Find a hill somewhere to run up and down 3-5 times


10 x Push Ups - 4 sets

10 x Squats - 4 set


Run/fast pace walk up your drive way 5-8 times


10 x Push Ups - 4 sets

10 x Squats - 4 set

Look how little you can do each day to start moving your body and to get into something! The old excuse I don't have time so theres no point is not valid when you can spend as little as 5-10 minutes doing something to move your body everyday!


Write yourself an active task to complete every day for 5-10 minutes, stick it somewhere you can see it, and try your best to do it every day to get your body into some regular movement.

Remember the best fitness plan is the one you can stick to, so try your best to do that!

Love support and health always



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