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Easy affordable low calorie snacks

Let's face it, we are all obsessed with the term of being "busy" and with that comes needing to be organised with food especially for when you are on the go.

I love to have a container in my bag with me that is filled with yummy fresh snacks, that are nutritious, cost effective and tasty.

You don't need to be spending $5 per bliss ball in order to have a snack, and if I am completely honest I don't tend to feel satisfied and full from just one small bliss ball!

Here are some of my go to favourites, with the cost, serving and calorie break down:

Snack Box #1:

100 g of roast sweet potato

20 g of beetroot hummus

1 medium carrot

1/3 of a cucumber

5g of sliced almonds

Calories: 188 calories

Cost: $2.33 NZD

Snack Box #2:

1 egg cup

20 g of beetroot hummus

1 medium carrot

1/3 of a cucumber

Calories: 150 calories

Cost: $1.91 NZD

Snack #3:

2 brown rice crackers

10g of crunchy peanut butter

1 medium nectarine

Calories: 166

Cost: $1.34 NZD

Snack #4:

80g of red grapes

1 medium carrot

1/3 of a cucumber

Calories: 80

Cost: $1.09 NZD

Please note I have worked out these costs from the current (01/03/2020) food prices brought from the Supermarket in Auckland, New Zealand.

My number one tip when it comes to vegetables and fruit is to eat according to the season, because the produce will be fresher and the cost will be less.

Try and buy locally if you can, that will also keep the cost down, buying from a local farmer if it is available to you is also ideal, you are not only supporting their business but you know there is so much love and care put into providing that produce for you and your plate.

Let me know in the comments section if this blog has helped you, and share it to your friends and family who you think it will help too!

Renee xx


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