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EASY Chocolate Christmas Bark recipe you don't want to miss out on trying this Christmas!

This has to be the quickest, easiest Christmas treat to make EVER! Not only is it tasty but it will take you only 10 minutes to make, 20 minutes at the least to set....and maybe only a couple of days to eat (it's that good!!)

What You Need:

2 cups of dark or light chocolate (I used organic sugar free)

1/4 cup of white chocolate (I used dairy free, gluten free, less sugar choc)

I/4 cup of pretzels

How to:

1. Using a microwaveable bowl, melt dark chocolate.

2. Melt white chocolate in a separate bowl.

3. In a dish , line with some baking paper.

4. Pour in roughy 3/4 of a cup of the dark chocolate.

5. Drizzle some of the white chocolate over it.

6. Add freeze dried strawberries and pretzels - place them over the top of the melted chocolate as soon as you've poured it into the dish.

7. Cover the ingredients with the left over dark chocolate and drizzle the rest of the white chocolate over the top.

8. Place in the freezer for 20 minutes then set in the fridge for a further 10-30 minutes.

9. Break it into pieces and serve as desired .

10. Control your portions responsibly !

This makes such a delicious Christmas present that people will absolutely love receiving as a gift. You could put some of the bark into nice kraft noodle boxes or wrap in baking paper tied up with a Christmas ribbon.


Don't forget to tag me @pt_with_renee if you make this recipe and use the hashtag #pwrfood

Merry Christmas

Renee xx


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