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How can I increase my protein intake?

Keeping your protein high is probably the more challenging part of your nutrition journey for a lot of you. It's the macronutrient many of us don't get enough of either. I usually get my clients to focus on their protein intake that way I know they are getting enough and usually the fats and carbs will fall into place.

Protein is important for cell repair and can assist in your muscle growth too as you become more consistent with your strength training and exercise.

Eating more protein not only helps with cell repair and muscle growth but it will also help keep you fuller for longer, especially if you make a conscious effort to consume more throughout the day.

The best way to ensure you are getting enough is to first learn how much you need, we work this out based on what your lean body mass is. Every individual is different too, your protein will be different from your friend's protein intake, so don't just have 100g per day because she/he is.

Secondly, the best thing you can do is to distribute your protein consumption over the day with each meal. For example:

Meal one: Eggs (with toast, greens)

Meal two: smoothie with protein

Meal three: chicken (in a wrap with salad greens etc)

Meal four: rice cake with peanut butter or a light smoothie with protein

Meal five: fish (with whatever you serve it with)

If you are vegetarian tofu would be your best protein source

If you find getting enough protein into your day hard, then that's where a protein supplement can come in handy to add to your smoothies. Some protein powders can add nearly an extra 20-30g of protein to the smoothie, which is most definitely going to help your intake if you are having protein sources in your food for 2-3 meals!

Try your best to have it with each meal, and remember protein is a key macronutrient, meaning we need it and in "macro" amounts.


- Try and have protein with each meal

- Supplement if you need it and can not get enough through food

- Protein will keep you fuller for longer

- Eat more throughout the day to keep you going

- Protein supports muscle growth (aka that toned body you want to build)

- Protein is crucial for cell repair.

Health, movement, and love always

Your Coach Renee


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