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How do I build Confidence?

Often we think we need to be a certain level of confidence before we take on something new.

I need to be more confident before I start my gym routine, I need to be more confident before I wear those pants, and I need to be more confident before I leave the job I hate.

Confidence is not something only certain people are born with, it is a by-product of taking action. When you take action upon something you want to start or get better at and stay consistent in doing so you become....more confident at doing so. I have managed to get many of my clients deadlifting or eating breakfast every day over time giving them the confidence to do this without even overthinking it, why because they took the action to attend their PT sessions, and commit to the nutrition goals we had set together consistently giving them the result of confidence. You just have to trust the process, and remind yourself that the more you commit and the more you chose action, the more confident you become in just being you! Every single one of you is worthy of this confidence thing, so never doubt yourself that you can't do something because of your confidence. If you chose action, you are choosing to contribute to your goal of feeling more confident in your life.

If you chose in-action, you are choosing not to contribute to your confidence, only to sit there wondering what would have happened if you had just given it ago.

Never put off starting a healthier lifestyle routine just because you don't feel confident, if anything find a system that works for you and get started to knock that limiting belief out of your mindset.

Confidence is found within anyone you just have to work on finding your own, rather than worrying about how others are doing so much more than you based on their actions.

Sometimes it's a hard pill to swallow admitting this to ourselves, the fact that we choose inaction over action, which of course is going to knock back your confidence levels. But once you openly say to yourself what you have been doing out loud or in writing you open up a portal to self-development, growth, and discovery.

Get honest, take action and watch your self belief and confidence grow.

With love always



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