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How to gain Motivation

Let me start with motivation and what it actually is, motivation is not something you are just born with or given one day. It's something you must work on by creating habits, and by creating these habits and being consistent with those habits the buy product of that is going to be MOTIVATION.

Often I will have clients come to me or potential clients and what they say is, I will start when I am motivated, or let me just get motivated first. You won't get motivated if you say that, you won't get motivated by waiting for motivation to just come to you.

If you are using excuses like "I am not motivated" then you need to dive deep into why, and why am I feeling like this. Perhaps you need a change in your environment, perhaps you actually need to see a coach so they can guide you in the best direction to get started.

Once you start implementing these new habits and you are consistent with them, you are motivated, because you are showing up for yourself.

Next time you think that you need to be motivated you need to change that perspective to creating new habits or get help from a coach to help you to start implementing those habits so you "create" that motivation!!!

Once you start implementing habits that generate motivation, don't settle for it. Start creating new habits, that can help you reach even further potential with your health and fitness goals.


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