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I'm busy how can I get more protein into my diet?

Protein is so important for a number of reasons, so it's super important no matter how busy you are to keep your intake up.

Below we have listed ways you can keep your protein intake up to ensure you are getting enough in your day.

  • Distribute your protein throughout the day by including some with each meal. For example eggs with your toast, cottage cheese on your morning crackers, animal protein such as chicken with lunch, a protein powder supplement in your afternoon smoothie, and animal protein such as fish with dinner.

  • Eat your protein source on your plate first. Protein will naturally keep you fuller for longer, so if you eat it first on your plate, it won't get left behind when you get full halfway through a meal which can typically happen from time to time.

  • Use a protein supplement such as protein powders. If you struggle to get in enough protein through your food, then we would recommend you purchase a protein powder supplement. Plant-based or whey is fine, it just depends on what you prefer! We recommend sticking to basic flavours like vanilla and chocolate as these flavours can be mixed with so many other food items!

  • Resort to high protein packaged snacks such as a protein bar, protein chips, lean jerky, protein smoothies, cheese, and cottage cheese to name a few.

In conclusion don't stress out about always needing to cook yourself a roast every lunch to get your protein up, keep it simple and do your best to make some easier options in your day like what we have suggested above!

Renee & The Team xx


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