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My health and fitness journey with Laken Speedy

Meet Laken,

I am a Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor, I love all things holistic wellness. I am a lover of nature, people, and a good self-help book. Currently working hard to learn all I can to reach my dream of having my own fitness studio.

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1. What was it that got you to start your health and fitness journey?

I always wanted to help people and P.E was one of the only subjects I was good at at school, I put the 2 together and I decided to do a Personal Training course straight out of school. I was always active as a child and through my early-late teens so I stuck with that trend and now I get to call it my career! I have bounced around many different parts of the fitness industry as I have grown and my life has changed, different things have aligned with me at different stages of my life.

2. What have you loved about it so far, what have been the highs for you?

Finding my own path within the industry, one thing you don’t realise in the beginning is that you don’t have to be a cookie-cutter, you can create your own style, vibe, personality and attract the people that align with that. Also the experience, the people have both added so much value to my journey and who I am now as a person.

3. And what about the lows?

Learning boundaries with people and work, on both a personal and professional level. Not taking on people's problems personally, and not biting off more than I can chew - it's very easy to be a yes man and then burn out.

4. How do you make the time to exercise?

Honestly, sometimes I don’t! I have learned that sometimes 20min is better than nothing, doing some stretches is ok, taking a walk is considered exercise. I try not to fixate on getting a ‘workout’ done if I don’t have time, I just try to incorporate movement into my day, keeps me healthy and sane!

5. What is your go-to brekkie?

Smoothie or oats.

6. What is your go-to healthy snacks to fix that afternoon snack attack?

I don't have any, in particular, I love ALL the snacks!!

7. As we know all food is food, but in context so our readers understand, what is your favourite “treat” food?

I fluctuate a lot between sweet and savoury. I am a sucker for potato chips, or I love chocolate...

8. On the weekend what is your favourite active activity to spend some time doing?

Nature walking

9. Do you prefer a podcast or music when you workout?


10. If you could give our readers some advice from your own personal experience during your health and fitness journey so far what would it be?

Taking it all too seriously and fixating on things is actually detrimental to your mental health. If you can't skip a workout or eat ‘bad’ food more than once in a week, you need to take a deep breath.

Don’t copy the person next to you, find what works for you, and do that. If lifting weights doesn’t serve you, then try something like pilates. If you have a stressful lifestyle, maybe do a low impact meditative class instead of H.I.I.T. If your friend can't eat gluten for health reasons but it doesn’t affect you, then eat the bread!!

My biggest piece of advice is to take the time to get to know yourself, and then fuel, move and nourish yourself with what feels good to you. Your body knows best, learn to read and trust it.



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