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My Health and Fitness Journey with Letitia Clunie

Meet Letitia, A 20-year-old makeup artist from Auckland New Zealand, who loves art and being able to portray that through makeup! Social media handles: Instagram: letitia_clunie

1. What was it that got you to start your health and fitness journey?

I have always had a relatively active lifestyle, I used to ride horses competitively from the age of 8-14. Once that ended, the main thing that got me back into health and fitness was wanting to be more confident with my body as well as feeling stronger and better mentally. Since the age of 14, I have tried many different gyms as well as F45 for around a year

2. What have you loved about it so far, what have been the highs for you?

The best part of my health and fitness journey so far is the fact that it really helps with my mental headspace and happiness. I love the way exercise makes me feel, and I have built a lot more confidence in my physical appearance

3. And what about the lows?

I have always struggled with back problems which have affected my fitness from time to time. I’ve also struggled in the past with maintaining a healthy mental mindset surrounding guilt and bad thoughts about myself if I do slip up every so often. I often found I was pushing myself too hard to aspire towards an unhealthy and unrealistic image of what I wanted to look like.

4. How do you make the time to exercise?

I normally fit in a workout early in the morning before work, I’ve recently started some of the amazing classes at PWR Fit which I do quite early in the morning, as well as some PT sessions. I also love exploring the beautiful bush walks we have available in NZ which I’ve found have been a good way to get cardio in, whilst also seeing the beauty NZ has to offer!

5.What is your go-to brekkie?

My current go-to breakfast is the chia oat pudding recipe that’s in my PWR fit nutrition guide. It’s super easy to make, really nutritious, and yummy and you can make batches of 4 at a time, so it’s super easy to fit into my routine when I’m on the go before work!

6. What are your go-to healthy snacks to fix that afternoon snack attack?

I love fresh seasonal fruit as a snack, and I’ve also found some nutritious snacks from my PWR FIT nutrition guide that I’ve been really enjoying, that keep me fuller for longer.

7.As we know all food is food, but in context so our readers understand, what is your favourite “treat” food? My favourite treat food has got to be pizza. I used to always feel so guilty about eating pizza because it’s not the healthiest but now I enjoy it every so often as I’m able to fit it into my daily calorie range, and I’m starting to learn how to enjoy little treats from time to time without beating myself up about it!

8.On the weekend what is your favourite active activity to spend some time doing?

I love bush walks, as well as the Sunday PWR Fit classes which always set me up for the day! I also love going to the beach and horse rides

9.Do you prefer a podcast or music when you work out?

I definitely prefer to listen to music, it keeps me motivated and helps me get into the rhythm of my sets and cardio! I do enjoy listening to podcasts when I’m doing less intense workouts such as walks though.

10.If you could give our readers some advice from your own personal experience during your health and fitness journey so far what would it be?

The main thing I can’t stress enough that I’ve only recently learned is to be kind to yourself! It’s so much easier said than done and it’s something that I still struggle with occasionally, but we often forget to appreciate our bodies and how much they do for us! It’s good to push your limits and always aim for the best but learning to listen to your body on days that it needs a rest is so important and has got to be one of the most important things that Renee has taught me since starting my journey with her! Our bodies are a temple and we need to be looking at our nutrition and exercise as a way to nourish our bodies rather than punishing it! A positive mindset is so important in every aspect of life and the more you love your body, the more it will love you back!


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