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Stop the madness of these excuses!!

I'm cold, my head hurts, I'm tired, I have had a bad day, I woke up 5 minutes late now I'm behind time, I don't want to overcommit, I can't afford it, my family won't like the food I like, my kids or my partner doesnt like veggies, I will start after my holiday, I will start when I start my new job.......

These are some of the most common excuses that stop people from making the next step to achieving their goals.

When you put up barriers like the excuses mentioned above, the only person you are letting down is yourself.

Yes life happens, yes we have minor setbacks, yes shit happens, but that doesn't mean you need to put aside your commitments to yourself.

What actually happens when you don't commit, is you'll be unhappy, you'll be disheartened and you'll be at risk of finding the next quick fix you think will be the answer to your prayers.

Look I am going to be blunt because I truly want the best for you, but if you don't commit to consistency then you won't achieve your goals and no quick fix is going to be the answer to your prayers, it'll give you a short term happy fix if you manage to stick with it, but then it will lead you right back where you started and sometimes worse off.

STOP with the excuses, and stop band-aiding them with quick-fix solutions. Instead, you need to actually change your habits and change your lifestyle.

I know many people who will easily spend thousands on weekends away and shopping sprees in a month, but when it comes to investing in themselves they just can't see past the price point and would rather keep going with the short-term happiness by buying things and shake diets to help them for only a short amount of time.

What you need to start doing, is analyzing your life, and seeing what you can make work first, rather than diving into the deep end and trying to commit to 7 sessions per week and only eating broccoli and chicken when you cant even commit to 1 session, to begin with.

Step one: Analyze your life

Step two: book in what you can commit to (even if it's only once per week)

Step three: stay consistent

Step four: once you are consistent, try more

Step five: stay consistent with your increase

Step six: never give up

Step seven: no one ever regrets a workout so get up even if it's cold and do it.

You just have to keep going and keep showing up for yourself, it's not because it didn't work for you when you only gave it 2 weeks, it's because you didn't stay consistent enough and you quit too soon to even see change and see better results!

You can do it you just have to believe in yourself, trust the process and keep going!

Love and support and guidance always

Your Coach Renee x


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