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The "perfect" weight loss meal plan

There are a lot of opinions on this topic. Lately, the most common "weight loss" solution for individuals is the keto diet, carnivore, and clean eating.

What if I told you there is no perfect weight loss plan because perfect is actually what is "perfect" for you as an individual. By that, I mean the weight loss meal plan that you can stick to and maintain for the majority of your life.

There are a basic few rules that we stick to when creating a weight loss meal plan to help you get results, but the majority of it is made up by you to suit your lifestyle, because after all its YOU that needs to do it, and it's YOU who needs to be able to sustain the results too.

The basic rules we follow for a weight loss meal plan are:

  1. Creating the plan based on your deficit and maintenance calories as well as your protein requirements.

  2. Ensuring you are in a sustainable deficit so that you can stick to the amount required in order to achieve your goals.

  3. Tracking your measurements weekly, ideally using BIA technology if this is something you can get your hands on at the time. This is to ensure the number of calories that have been calculated for you is actually working.

  4. Giving you some recipe advice that will encourage you to keep your protein high as well as being able to keep the calories within your "calorie budget" through a nice balance of more wholesome food, but also the other foods too that we love such as pizza.

  5. Having 2x refeed days per week to ensure the calorie deficit is sustainable and to avoid metabolic adaptation.

  6. Showing you that you can still achieve your results as well as including the foods you love such as chocolate in your weight loss meal plan.

You don't need to put a label on who you are in terms of how you decide to eat food, and what you chose to eat either. You need to do what for example " Renee wants" Say this to yourself: "NAME wants to eat, because it makes me feel...." Fill in the blanks and listen to your gut. You don't need to go keto just to be a lower dress size, nor do you need to give up everything with sugar in it because it's not classed as healthy, and unhealthy food makes you "fat".

The "secret" is to stick within your recommended caloric intake and you will see results, if you go over those calories too often and don't get yourself on track at the beginning of your journey you most likely won't see results.

Remember too everyone's calories are different from one another, it all comes down to a number of factors some being, age, gender, height, level of activity (TDEE), lean body mass, fat mass and total body weight to name a few.

Don't rely on an app or a friend to understand this either, get help from a professional so from that day you get the help, you know what you need to do to get the best possible results and sustain them too forever.

You know you can always reach out for help!

Renee x


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