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Unpopular Opinion on Health

I was feeling hesitant to post this, but I am on a mission to help people get healthy and stop falling into the bullshit pressure of marketing and society. It's time to get healthy peps, and here are some uncomfortable truths about what humans are doing to cause more stress, disease, illness and mental health issues every single day.

Unpopular opinion:

Humans are getting more and more unhealthy , depressed, less in touch with themselves, stressed and emotionless every day and here’s why:

- Too much time texting and messaging and not enough time talking, when you have a conversation with someone you laugh, cry, express emotions. Now you find a emoji symbol that might express how you feel, but you aren’t actually allowing yourself the time to actually laugh or cry or even growl. When we talk out loud about how we feel it's like going to therapy , you will feel so much better afterwards rather than bottling it all in. When I was a teen we used to jump on the landline, cry to our friends, laugh with our friends, and really express things out loud to one another, I believe this effort of conversation was what helped get us through our teenage emotional rollercoaster.

- Too much time scrolling and watching pointless sh*t on socials, the average person spends 5 hours per day on social media, some of that may be for work but if you find yourself in endless scrolling holes this is very very detrimental for your mental health, along comes self comparison, BS expectations on how you should live your life and what diet you should start next for weight loss. This can all lead to many issues people are facing today, such as depression, anxiety, disordered eating just to name a few.

- Too much sitting not enough standing. Most of us have to spend the majority of time on our seats for work, which is hard, but why haven’t work places gotten on to work place wellness and given every one standing desks. We need to be standing for at least 12 hours of the day for ultimate blood flow and to put our body in its up right position. Your standing doesn't literally have to be at a standing desk for 12 hours, your stand hours can be contributed to when you clean, garden, dance, walk, present, exercise, whatever you do in a day that gets you up right.

- Too much negative association with exercise and weight loss , so not enough people are doing it. People fear the gym and workouts because they think they need to smash themselves every time and they think they only workout for weight loss, this is far from the truth. Grab some dumbbells , use your own body and get lifting , for longevity and overall health, not just weight loss.

- Way too much binge drinking and eating processed foods without enough balance of enough protein, fruits and veges and wholesome fats. Balance is 1000% key I am a big one on this, I love a good burger and some fries, some chocolate and pizza, but this can not be my every day , every meal food, if I want to put good energy into my overall health I need more of the wholesome stuff and less of the processed & fried stuff, so that when I do consume it my body's physiology is like hey we can deal with this, this is absolutely fine!

We are killing ourselves slowly , but as technology advances its allowing us to get worse. Get out in nature, lift heavy weights, eat more protein, drink water and get some f**king sleep!

By not doing enough of the things that humans are designed to do and need to do, you are causing all the above.

My Advice:

- Get outside more

- Drink less alcohol

- Get rid of smoking/vaping

- Eat more protein

- Don't use too much social media

- Have a real conversation

- Lift heavy weights

- Stand more

- Move your body more

- Stop binge watching TV

If any of this hit home a little bit, or made you feel a bit attacked, my apologies, but at the same time I am not sorry because when we get really honest with ourselves (something I do daily to hold myself accountable) we realise what we actually need and want to make ultimate change so we live a happy , healthy life that we love!

With love always

Renee xx


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