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What's so "neat" about NEAT??

NEAT stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

This blog post follows on from my post about the importance of moving your body and doing it throughout the day, not just through a formal workout.

NEAT accounts for calories burned outside formal exercise . This is activity such as standing , walking, climbing stairs and even just fidgeting in your seat.

In order to sustain fat loss we need to be doing more “NEAT” and doing it daily. Highly active people can expend up to 3 times more energy in a day than a sedentary person.

Being sedentary however does not mean you can’t increase your NEAT , you just need to be consistent with applying daily healthy habits such as taking phone calls standing up , setting yourself daily step goals such as 8,000 steps per day, walking on your lunch break , taking those 8 flights of stairs instead of the elevator.

Doing all of this accounts to helping you burn more calories throughout the day which then adds up to the calories you burn during a whole week which then accounts for the calories you burn in a whole year - 🔥which all helps with sustaining FAT LOSS .

If you can’t make it to the gym one day but you’ve been active all day in the garden , painting the fence or even just washing all the windows in your house it WILL NOT IMPACT YOUR RESULTS , because you have been active already 😁 .

Formal Exercise that you perform in the gym actually only accounts to about 10% of your calories burned in a day. So this means in order to help with sustaining fat loss and turning your body into a “fat burning machine” staying active is super important and this isn’t by running 5km everyday to get ya miles in , it’s literally by living in general an active lifestyle where you walk more , climb more, clean more (😆), garden more, mow lawns more frequently (if you have one) and just generally getting out and about moving your body 🙋🏼‍♀️ .

Increasing your NEAT and training 3-4 times per week is an amazing goal to work towards if your schedule allows it, it will also help when you are in a calorie deficit because as your increase your NEAT but keep your calories the same, and you are essentially burning more calories than you are consuming which will lead you to seeing results with fat loss.

The reasoning behind my #moveyourbody hashtag is because moving your body more and living an active lifestyle is a huge contributing factor in order to achieve your fat loss goals, but also contributes to you feeling healthier, fitter, stronger and more energised for life!




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