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Why I Actually Need Protein

So with all the "you need protein" and "how to consume more protein" information, here is why you really do need to consume more of this essential macronutrient.

  1. It helps with cell repair: Your body is made up of trillions of tiny cells all of which contain DNA and many many proteins, consuming protein is essential to help these cells replicate, repair your body, and to keep it functioning well.

  2. It helps with muscle growth and lean body maintenance: When you strength train you are tearing muscle fibres, these muscles then need to repair to come back stronger and leaner, the most effective way to do this is rest and high protein consumption.

  3. It helps you maintain strong healthy bones: Protein is essential for better bone health, one of the many common bone diseases sarcopenia (muscle loss due to aging) can be avoided or better managed with high protein and regular strength training.

  4. It helps you repair your body when you are suffering from injuries: the protein forms the main building blocks of your tissues and organs, and there a numerous studies to show that eating enough and more protein every day after injury will speed up recovery.

  5. Helps to maintain fat loss: Higher protein in the diet boosts metabolism and leads to mostly an automatic reduction in caloric intake and cravings. Maintaining high protein in the diet will assist with fat loss maintenance.

  6. Reduces late-night cravings: A study in a group of women and men showed that increasing their daily protein intake by 25% reduced the need for random food cravings by 60%, thus assisting the person in fat loss maintenance, as they did not consume extra calories.

  7. May assist in metabolism boosting and fat burning: Your body uses calories to digest food and make use of their nutrients. This is called the thermic effect of food (TEF). Protein has a much higher TEF compared to fats and carbs, which means it could increase the calories that you burn throughout the day (BMR).

There are many great reasons for you to start increasing your protein intake today, many of rwhich will contribute to your results but not only that your overall health.





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