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You won't see results around the "silly season" if you do this.

It's close to Christmas, you are desperately trying to achieve your weight loss goals for the summer holidays, with no plan to carry it on into the new year until most likely Feb when you stress out about the weight you put back on and some...why must we continue to sabotage our health with this idealism of the holiday period being something we get a bikini body for and then let go a month later.

This is not good for your physical or mental health and the only way for you to break this cycle is to simply change your mindset on fitness and food.

Firstly food, it doesn't have to be restricted from, fasted from, or cut out from our lives. Nutrition needs to be consistent, it can be whatever you like with a fine balance of key nutrients the body requires, the portions need to be reasonable, and the body needs to be fuelled well! If you do this off and on because of a holiday, a season of the year or an event do you think your results are going to be the best? Most probably not. If you maintained your portion control, kept your protein high, and stopped restricting yourself from foods you loved, all throughout the year, do you think your results would be better, long-lasting, and consistent? Absolutely.

Just because of a season or holiday does not mean you need to give up all your effort to make a few positive healthy changes in your life to benefit your health, the cycle would never be broken, you would get fed up, tired, over it and your mental health will be affected.

Instead, you need to work on your mindset around food, allowing yourself to have breakfast, eating more regularly throughout the day and your protein high to avoid binge eating, and adding a chocolate or two into your daily intake so you are not restricting it. Continue to do this throughout any holiday period and you will come back the same as you left, ready to continue with your healthy and positive food habits, maintaining and sometimes even seeing better results.

Secondly fitness, it's not something you have to do 7 times per week to get the best results, nor is it something you do "only if there is a point" to do so. There is always a point to moving your body, it's one of the healthiest things you can do to impact your overall health. Strength training and general movement, its something you can sustain everywhere and anywhere! If you are on holiday, you can go for walks, swims, runs, and hikes, you can even find a local group fitness class or gym to do a few casual sessions in to keep your consistency levels up! Giving this up just because of a holiday will make you feel unhappy, why because movement as you know makes you feel incredible, so why give up something that makes you feel that great just for a holiday?

You can still see great results and you can still maintain your healthy habits in life you just have to change your mindset to believe so and continue with your regular routine. Don't let the holiday season impact your life choices, remember what makes you feel good, and remember what you love doing to positively impact your overall health and well-being!

Love and passion always



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