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Coaching with Renee


Transform your busy life into a life that is fulfilling, healthy full of energy and strength to have it all. 

Change your life, and hire a coach who helps you through it all. 

With my Coaching methods, you will achieve fat loss,  and you will learn how to sustain it for life, with a combination of nutrition and mindset coaching to give you results that will be with you for life. 

Not only will you achieve a body you love and feel comfortable with, you will also improve your overall health, change your habits and improve your life, all without the fads!

Learn how to have a better relationship with food, train effectively no matter how much time you have, still enjoy the foods that you love and most importantly love who you are. 

Book a free discovery call with me and lets see what I can do to help you.

There is never a right time to start anything, the best time to start is right now.

3 Pillars for your health

My coaching programme works with the 3 pillars for better overall health, with an evidence based but holistic approach to helping you get on track with your health even though you have a busy life. 





Learn how to move your body for the best results

Fuel your body to thrive and perform 

Breathe, recover, sleep, reflect more as you transfrom

Strength training, intentional cardio and stretch programmes to help you achieve strength, increase your VO2 Max levels, increase your BMR, build confidence and self awareness. Achieve muscle gain and fat loss! 

Learn about macros, calories and how to fuel your body with the foods you need to perform and thrive, without giving up foods you love. Learn the rule of 80/20 and start feeling the difference within your body when you fuel it well. 

Practice mindfulness, focus on building healthy habits and working on your mindset to holistically bring everything together that you are doing in the programme. From breath work, journalling, deepening your thinking about your why, soul searching and rediscovery, there will be moments of discovery for you on your journey that we can unpack together.

Hi, I'm RENEE - My team and I are on a mission to change your life and shake up the "fitness industry"

How many times have you tried a diet that's not worked, tried an elimination of all the foods you love or a restrictive diet that leads you to gain back more weight, how many have you seen a nutritionist or even doctor that's told you to go keto without an explanation as to why?

Or what about the classic gym weight loss for summer challenges for $$$ prizes that only leave you with more kilos than what you started with months after doing it?? 

WE ARE THE FEMALE health & fitness professionals in the industry whom won't be encouraging you to be shredding for bikini season every spring/summer or promoting 6-week challenges to lose as much weight as you can and eat F**K all. 


We will help you learn how you can get results and sustain them for life! 

We will teach you how you can have a well balanced healthy life you love, still enjoy the foods you love, implement more nutrients, and love exercise again! 

better health is not a destination, its a constant journey, you just get better as you stay consistent and keep going. 

My client's don't just stick around for 8 weeks, they work with me to TRANSFORM their lives and their bodies so they sustain it for life. I teach you how to fall I love with the process, so you never stop giving up on your health. This is not a 6 week and quit when it gets tough programme, its a programme that changes your life. 


efore and after
Briana TRANSFORM (1).png

I bought Renee’s healthy guide PDF after Christmas and it was the best thing I did! So many great ideas for meals. They are super tasty and always make me feel full, which is the best part! I have lost a considerable amount of weight since buying the guide and I am stoked! I have way more energy and feel so good about myself. Definitely worth buying!!

 Chloe, New Zealand


Be apart of my coaching community no matter where you are in the world!

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