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One on one Personal Training

Online or in person. 

Enquire via the website chat box, and make sure you leave your name and email.

One-on-one Personal Training is where I started my career in health! A service I still offer to a select few individuals on a weekly basis to help them achieve their ultimate health and fitness goals. 

Having been in the industry for 10 years I can offer help to any individual of any age or ability to help them with :

Fat Loss and weight management 

Better overall mobility 


Body Aches & Pains 

Pre & Postnatal 

Movement after injury or surgery 

Strength for your sport or hobbies 

Mental health 

Better energy 

Muscle gain 

Overall Strength

"I love the feeling of empowerment when I do a heavy set"

Some of my clients started off training with me by lifting weights that they once thought were their limit because they did not want to get "bulky" until they saw epic "toned up" results by squatting 50-70kg, deadlifting 100kg, and bench pressing with 20kg dumbbells! 

Strength training increases your BMR, helps you to achieve a more "toned" body, and makes you feel f**king amazing!!!!

CURRENT OPENINGS : MONDAY 12:45pm & 2:30pm  , WEDNESDAY 10:30am & 12:30pm

See some of my PT Clients in action!


Going for a heavy hip thrust, using dumbbells in her in-person PT session ! Tish has developed a love for strength training and has found herself less injured, and less fatigued since tracking her nutrition to ensure she is eating enough fuel for her body and getting enough protein throughout the day. Tish loves how heavy lifting makes her feel empowered and strong! 


Amy went from squatting just the bar to 40kgs within 2 months of in-person PT sessions and she's still building that squat to even more! Since training and nutrition coaching Amy has increased her lean body mass (aka muscle) which has helped her to decrease her body fat and gain the most incredible results! Amy loves her no BS no FAD approach to her fitness and health routine which has changed her mindset around nutrition and fitness!


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