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What you will learn:


Achieve Fat Loss Forever, Change Your Life.

You will learn how to eat the right portions for you and your body to see results, without giving up chocolate or wine. 

Why consuming protein, carbs and fats are so important to help you see fat loss results.

How to track calories to get you on track with your nutrition to become more intuitive with food in general.

How to build a better, healthier relationship with food and yourself. 

How to build better healthy habits overall.

Why exercise is crucial for health and longevity.


What we will focus on:

The first 6 important steps to achieving fat loss and overall better health through our sustainable fat loss course. 

1. Understanding what calories are and how to track them at the start
2. Understanding your nutritional needs
3. How to stay on track with it all
4. Exercise & your nutrition
5. NEAT, and why it is important
6. Building a better relationship with food
7. BONUS* The reverse diet

How you start:

What your results will be:

First, you will book a 15-minute free health assessment with me or one of my health consultants to see if the course is right for you. 

Once we assess your health we will give you the opportunity to start the course. 

You can do the course at your own pace, or join in the live 6-week rounds to help you with your accountability and get on track with completing the course. 

As soon as you sign up you are given access to the course and away you go! 


You will discover your bodies need for more food to keep your body fuelled. 
You will see fat loss results. 
You will improve your relationship with food. 
You will change your life, improve your energy and your relationship with food.

Get Results Like Cat Did! 

I started this course when I was feeling stuck with my health/fitness goals and DO NOT regret! Renee takes you on a journey back to basics and uncomplicates the ‘diet world madness’ we’ve become so accustomed to in our society. The science behind it is presented in fun and relatable modules you can listen to on the go & return back to at any stage, as you have them for life! I’ve gained so much knowledge and have a new appreciation for my body & how I move/fuel it. I feel fitter & stronger but it’s the mindset changes that had the biggest impact. Renee is awesome at helping you reclaim your self worth and belief when it comes to looking after your body. I now enjoy “treats” with a guilt free mindset & without the binging. This course has streamed into so many other aspects of my life, proving the mantra “health is wealth”
Cat, Auckland, NZ



If you missed out on the first one, then don't worry we run our group coaching challenges more than once throughout the course of the year. 

You can do the course at your own pace, or you can do it in a group with live coaching sessions instead of the pre-recorded ones on your course platform.

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