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Exercise is ALWAYS Important

"I'm too old to do things like that" is the most common and silliest excuse in the book, when it comes to exercise and moving your body with people over the age of 50.

If anything the most important yet most beneficial thing you could possibly do is exercise and move your body!

Your metabolism declines with age, so it is vital to eat healthy foods and take regular exercise to maintain your muscles. If you are exercising for the first time since your youth, take any exercise you start to participate in slowly and seek advice from your doctor/health professional before your start.

Your metabolic rate declines after the age of 30, and to boost this you need to be doing resistance training- (when you apply greater resistance to a particular movement).

Resistance exercise will give you greater strength and energy and the "afterburn" continues to use up calories long after your training session is over.

You also need to be participating in regular cardiovascular exercise, this is where you are getting your heart rate up, maintaining your fitness levels as you get older will help to improve your quality of life.

A combined effort of cardiovascular and functional resistance training at least 3 times per week will help to reduce your chances of osteoporosis and arthritis.Include impact exercises such as step-ups.

There are so many options out there of ways you can exercise, to feel fitter, healthier, more mobile and stronger. You can swim, hire a personal trainer, join group fitness, dance, walking groups, the options are almost endless. It is important that you are doing exercise that you enjoy so that you can and will stick to it for the rest of your life.

"Resistance training is the key to maintaining your muscles as you you age."

When it comes down to nutrition it is important that you are eating a variety of vegetables, good fats, nuts, seeds, fruit, meats such as lean cuts of meat and organ meat.

Keep your diet well balanced and don't feel bad about treating yourself here and there, you've worked hard all your life so wining and fine dining is well and truly deserved!

In conclusion, move your body everyday and eat a well balanced diet, no matter what age you are.This will nine times out of ten guarantee you a long and happy fulfilled life.

"Age is never a factor, it is just an excuse"

-Renee xx

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