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Should We Give Up Meat ?

Well firstly the answer for me would be NO, not forever but maybe for a week.

Giving up meat is a HOT TOPIC at the moment and most of the reasons being ethical. People are giving up meat because of the way the animals are treated before they are slaughtered, wanting to try out a new fad diet or purely just because it doesn't agree with their gut!

Just last week I did a detox, this detox was a meat free one and I must admit I felt lighter, more energised and I noticed a huge change in my bloated tummy.

I definitely wouldn't go meat free for life as I believe animal meat is a great source of protein and provides many health benefits for us, but we just don't need it all the time with every single meal. Now, I will only have one-two meat meals a day and I will have 2 meat free days per week to give my digestive system a wee break.

While on my meat free detox I only consumed vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts and seeds. I drank loads of water and exercised 5 days out of 7.


Heres an example of a day on the plate during the detox:

Before Breakfast: BePure Vitamin C supplement, Large lemon water

Breakfast: Vegetable stir-fry with Mixed Beans

Snack: Celery sticks with almond butter

Lunch: Roast sweet potato salad

Snack: Small apple, activated nuts

Dinner: Chickpea nourish bowl

What can't you do:

-Eat meat or meat products

-Eat processed foods

-Eat foods that contain refined sugars

-Drink alcohol

-Drink fizzy drinks, juice, energy drinks, sports drinks

-Drink coffee and animal milk

-Cook with canola oil, butter, sunflower oil, rice bran oil

Meat we should eat mostly:





Meat we should eat sometimes:




Meat we shouldn't eat:

-Processed Meats

-Cocktail sausages

-Processed Ham

-Processed pre cooked sausages, frankfurters

Benefits of having a meat free detox:

-Reduces bloating

-Eliminates toxins from the body

-Increased nutrient density

-Gain some healthy bacteria in your gut

-Feel more energised

-Weight loss may occur

Plant Based Protein:

Please note, this can sometimes happen:

Detoxing from meat products may make you feel a bit weak, this is common during any kind of detox. Feeling weak is often mistaken for an insufficient protein intake. However, weakness is usually a result of the body directing its energy to eliminating toxins and acid-forming protein from the body. As a healthier, alkaline environment is established in your body, symptoms of weakness decrease and the body feels energised and stronger from a nutrient-rich diet in fruits and vegetables.

An over-consumption of meat may lead to digestive and organ dysfunction, as large amounts of protein are difficult to digest. ALWAYS consult with a doctor/nutritionist/naturopath prior to starting a meat detox if you suffer from any health conditions or are unsure.

Renee xx

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