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My health and fitness journey with Kelly McIntyre

Introducing "my health and fitness journey" blog posts from ladies just like you and me, sharing the highs and lows of their journies so far, what they have learned, how they have overcome the highs and lows, and what has worked best for them! I want to share these stories to help inspire you as you might find you really relate to some or even one of them, which could personally help you with something you are struggling with or something you enjoy just like them! I also just want to show you how different we all are, it's important to know that not everything is going to work for everyone the same, some ladies like to have breakfast, others don't, some prefer to workout in the morning, some the afternoon, so remember YOU are unique and YOU are YOU. It is great to be inspired by others but make sure if you implement what they do it is realistic and you actually enjoy it too.

Meet Kelly,

I am a 25-year-old who’s been a pescatarian since March 2019. I work in admin and accounts & really do love it!

Social media handles: @balancebykel

1. What was it that got you to start your health and fitness journey?

I started by simply wanting to just lose some weight! I made my Instagram page to keep track of what I ate and document some yummy meals. The main thing was to stay accountable.

2. What have you loved about it so far, what have been the highs for you?

Well, I have lost over 9kgs so that is awesome! Understanding the balance I can have while on this journey.

3. What have you struggled with the most and how have you/are you overcoming that? I tend to get a bit obsessive... so just trying to keep the balance is really important to me!

4. How do you make the time to exercise?  I work part-time so that really does help! I finish before 2 pm every day and as soon as I get home, I get straight into it otherwise I find it hard to get back up!

5. What is your go-to brekkie?

Epp, I don’t eat brekkie! I fast until about midday. If anything, a hot choc 😊

6. What are your go-to healthy snacks to fix that afternoon snack attack?

Rice crackers with dip, gherkins/cucumber. Seaweed. Carrot sticks. Grapes. Watermelon. & more!

7. As we know all food is food, but in context, so our readers understand, what is your favourite “treat” food? Seriously, anyone who knows me... PIZZA

8. What is your favourite style of workout to do?  I LOVE running! I used to run a lot when I lived on the gold coast, & then started again in London. I have not got back into it yet but really hope to asap. It such an awesome feeling knowing I could run further or faster than the last run that I did.

9. On the weekend what is your favourite active activity to spend some time doing? Probably walks! When hot & sunny I love beach walks

10. Do you prefer a podcast or music when you workout? 

Music when running! But when I work out, I watch a tv program or movie :D

11. If you could give our readers some advice from your own personal experience during your health and fitness journey so far what would it be?

Don’t stop after you eat that chocolate bar or (whole) pizza. Tomorrows a new day and you didn’t just lose all your progress!! So don't give up, just jump straight back on the bandwagon!



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