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Should we be drinking Celery Juice??

There is a craze on the internet nearly everyday that has been endorsed by "claimed Health Professionals" "Health Gurus" "Holistic Youtubers" or Celebrities, that most likely will have you thinking that "ahhh this is the next best thing, and will be the answer to all my weight loss prayers.

Well my friends let me tell you this, something like celery juice (yuck I don't know why you would want to drink only the juice of a celery anyway) is just another nutritional "BS" movement that wellness warriors believe is "medicine". 

There are claims all over the internet that celery juice can heal your gut, fix hormonal issues, serve as a detox, change your pH levels, and cure illness.

Celery can be used as a good source of vitamin A, C and potassium but it is most definitely not a magical potion that is the answer to all of your health prayers! 

From what I have learnt (and this is science) :

1. Celery juice is not going to change your pH level, because apparently that would kill you. 

2. It will not fix your hormone, gut lining, or digestion, at it's best it will give you some fibre and oxidants.

3. People claim that celery juice is helping their gut, it most probably is susceptible to placebo...

4. Some fitspo-hormone experts give a diagnosis or prescribe themselves with a serious gut issue (without seeking medical advice) and promote things such as celery juice as the answer to all their prayers. This can give you false advice and most probably cause the effect of placebo (meaning now you think thats whats wrong with you and then it starts happening) 

5. Celery and its juices, however as I mentioned will give you a small amount of vitamin A, C and potassium, oh and when not wasted on just a juice goes great with right portion of peanut butter (suited to your goals) - nothing more.

In conclusion celery juice is no magic medicine, and is not going to help you in anyway to loose weight. If you think you have serious health issues, seek medical help not help influenced by someone on the internet or television. 

Always so your research, don't read the first article you skim read on google, and believe that it is the answer to all your problems, if in doubt seek professional or medical help!

PS. Article headlines do not give you all the information that you need to know, read the actual research paper, and do not make assumptions. 

@pt_with_renee 😘🙌🏼

Renee xx


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