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The silly season is approaching...heres how to stay on track!

As Christmas and the new year approach us, this is the time where people start to neglect their health and fitness goals as they are distracted by the temptations of festivities with friends, families, and colleagues. 

REMEMBER, if you want something that you have never had, you need to do what you've never done. To sum it up, "keep your eye on the prize" !

Leaving it to the new year or just saying you'll start as a new years resolution unfortunately is not going to give you the results you've desired yourself to get when you set your goals on this side of the year, if anything it's going to make it harder for you. 

Be different this year, and don't let yourself go too crazy on the food and alcohol and stay on track so you are coming into 2020 already feeling great! 

Here is what I recommend you do to stay on track: 

1. Continue to exercise: 

If you attend a gym, don't stop going just because you are on holiday, keep the momentum going and continue to attend your regular sessions. Most gyms now days are 24/7 so they will be open throughout the holiday season. 

If you are on holiday find a local gym where you are staying to attend while you are away, there may even be some local bootcamps running !

If you are somewhere where there is no gym, then do some body weight workouts, something you can do wherever you are without having to worry about the gym or having the equipment. 

2. Track your Nutrition

Just like you usually would on a regular day, track what you are eating and when. Stick within your normal macros to suit your goals. If you continue to track what you are consuming then when an event approaches having a day off your diet won't effect your goals too much 

3. Don't eat for the sake of eating

Just because you are on holiday, it does not mean you need to eat yourself to sleep everyday. Try and avoid snacking for the sake of snacking, stick to having 3 delicious healthy meals per day and stay away from all the extra chocolate treats, crackers, cheese, dips and chips everyday. 

4. Walk everyday 

Get up and move your body! Use your time off to make the most of going for walks, being in nature and taking in the beautiful scenery around you. I would recommend walking first thing in the morning to ensure you have done some form of movement in your day. Aim to do 8-10,00 steps per day.

5. Drink water in between every wine

For every glass of wine/alcohol consumed, have a glass of water. This way you will be flushing as much of it out of your system as you can, staying hydrated is key! If your fitness goals are a priority, just try not to overindulge in the alcohol full stop. Is the hangover the next day really worth it? Plus a hangover will put your daily schedule behind, leaving less time to exercise. 

6. Rest

Make sure you are still getting enough sleep to recover! Aim to get 7-8 hours per night of sleep, catch up on some much needed sleep and avoid setting your alarm if you don't need to. 

At the end of the day if you want to achieve your health and fitness goals you will do what you can to do so, the responsibility is on you to stay on track and ensure you are doing what you can, so you are coming into 2020, healthy, fit and strong, not sluggish, heavier and unhappy! 

I am here to help you, and guide you through this journey if you need my help then don't hesitate to get in touch with what I can do to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 

Renee xx


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